CSIR Launches Five Year Strategic Plan

The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) has launched a new five-year strategic plan, designed to drive Ghana's socio-economic development and create a prosperous future through innovative research and industrial technologies.

The plan, set to run from 2023 to 2027, aims to foster greater collaboration among the 13 institutes under the CSIR to accelerate the achievement of the Council's goals and increase its overall contribution to national development.

cutting the ribbon

CSIR Council Chair, Prof. Adaboh being assisted by Prof. Paul Bosu and Prof. Marian Quain to launch the CSIR Strategic Plan

Speaking at the launch at the CSIR Head office in Accra, Professor Paul Bosu, Director-General of CSIR stated that the institution “is on a mission to become a leading force for social and economic development in Ghana.” He further explained that the strategic plan is the result of extensive analysis by the Council which identified four key strategic directions with well-defined goals, objectives, and an effective monitoring and evaluation framework.

The strategic plan emphasises private-sector research and development and technological innovation to develop and transfer industry-driven technologies that meet the needs of the local economy every year. Recognizing the importance of financial resource mobilization to achieve the objectives of the plan, Prof. Bosu revealed that the Council is determined to generate at least 30% of its annual recurrent expenditures through projects, consulting services, and other means by 2027.

In her welcome address, the Deputy Director-General of CSIR, Prof. Marian Dorcas Quain, reiterated the vital role of the organisation in promoting accelerated social and economic development in the country through research and innovation, technology transfer, and training in both the private and public sectors.

Council chair presenting a copy of the Strategic Plan to a member of the Council

As the leading public science organisation in the country, CSIR will work towards improving the science culture of civil society in Ghana through its activities, which draw inspiration from the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and the African Unions’ long-term Agenda 2063, she said.

Prof. Robert Kingsford Adaboh, CSIR Council Chair, launched the strategic plan document, which he believes represents a significant step forward for Ghana's socio-economic development, with a focus on enhancing research capacity, creating a knowledge-based economy, and promoting sustainable development. The plan reflects the CSIR's commitment to strengthen collaboration with local and international partners to achieve its objectives and ensure the successful implementation of this transformative vision for Ghana's future.



Source: Corporate Affairs Division, CSIR

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