July 03, 2022
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By: Alliance for Science Ghana

As 2022 progresses, the team Alliance for Science Ghana extends happy new year wishes to all Ghanaians. 2021 was a difficult “food year” for many. Food prices rose so quickly in ways this nation hadn’t seen in a long time.

Data from the Statistics, Research and Information Directorate of the Ministry for Food and Agriculture (MOFA) did put this concern in perspective.

Between January and October 2021, the average price of maize rose by 56%, the price of plantain rose by 74%, the price of tomato rose by 44%, the price of yam rose by 20%, and the price of fresh pepper rose by 54%.

 By: Ghana Web

Ghana is progressing steadily with the introduction of Genetically Modified Cowpea. Known locally as beans, scientists at the Agricultural Research Institute at Nyankpala in the Savannah Region, have completed work on a technology to address the huge pest infestation of the crop.

A dossier to that effect has been gazetted by the National Biosafety Authority. The document contains a request by the Researchers to environmentally release and market the beans.

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