December 04, 2022
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CSIR’s Soil Research Institute digitizes entire soil map of Ghana

The Soil Research Institute of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) has completed an exhaustive process of digitising the entire soil map of Ghana.

The process involved converting the soil maps of Ghana from analogue to digital formats and making this digital information available online.

The analogue soil maps were easily exposed to damage and were not easily accessible by key stakeholders spread far and wide in Ghana and across the globe.

The conversion of the analogue maps to the digital form is, therefore, expected to assist stakeholders, especially, the Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MOFA), to build a more modern agricultural system for the country.

The web-based platform that has all the digitised soil map is

 All the records about the compiled soil information include soil profile layer attribute data and with soil analytical data (physical and chemical properties of the soils of Ghana).

Also, all soil attribute values are standardised according to standard conventions and validated per internationally accepted rules.

At a short event to unveil the digital soil map on Tuesday, March 30, 2021, Deputy Director-General, Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, Prof Paul Bosu, said the project is one of the key outputs of the Modernising Agriculture in Ghana (MAG) programme, a development assistance programme by the Canadian government to support the development and growth of agriculture in Ghana.

“The Ministry of Food and Agriculture is the key implementing agency of this programme with CSIR and several other MMDAs as collaborators or partners.

“The CSIR is involved in Component 3 of the MAG programme, which is ‘Support to agricultural research to strengthen agricultural extension to improve agricultural productivity,'” he revealed.

According to Prof Bosu, over the past three to four-year period of the MAG programme, CSIR has worked closely with the MOFA Directorate of Extension Services towards improving the delivery of agricultural extension service in the country.

“We have together strengthened and sustained the RELCs [Research Extension-farmer Linkage Committees] system and delivered quality and timely extension support to our hardworking farmers throughout the country,” he added.

The Soil Research Institute is expected to continue working with its partners all over the country to improve upon available data for better understanding of Ghana’s soils.

Source : Ghanacrusader

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